Sewing and blinding (Jan 11, 2021)

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All tangled up in the cords.

Lee finished up some work, sort of, on fixing RV blinds. He had one just about finished and half hung up when it let loose and disappeared on the floor behind the storage chest. Took it back down and re-strung it. Next time, success. For supper, Lee cooked up a new one in the RV. He made a home made lasagna. It was great!

Lez grins: not bad for a first timer with the Lasagna dude!! It's an old no-fail recipe - even for the The Novice! He did have the help and tips from the sous-chef too!! Earlier, while Lee struggled with the re-stringing up of the blinds and I am at my sewing machine and facing outside the back window I hear that plastic/metal blinds sound - and don't DARE turn around! I fully expected to see Lee tangled and looking like a trussed turkey strung up with fan fold blinds sticking out like a turkey's tail. Nose to the sewing machine I just kept on sewing in a new zipper on the old spring coat. Keeping other parts zipped up too!