Overwhelmed with photos (Jan 10, 2021)

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Captain Ron time.

We hung around the Schooner for most of the day. The wind was up and it was feeling stormy. Later on we went to mom's for family dinner and a movie. We had a great discussion amongst the six of us. All of us are healthy. After dinner, mom, Lez and Lee watched Captain Ron. Mom enjoyed it and we did also because we hadn't seen it for many years.

Lez going crosseyed: After catching up on the days of few photos to edit, I finally attacked the 113 photos from the 8th. I do an initial "pick of the litter" - deleting the blurry or un-flattering or what were we thinking? photos. Next, if two or three taken of the same subject (birds move okay!??), I pick the best. These get a real name, IMG9982.jpg just doesn't identify the new view before us. Then some highlights are enhanced, blemished removed. Big shhh and wink - sometimes a blurred bird flies by - and they can be edited out!!! Sometimes a crop is needed so the estuary monster (tree trunk) or lagoon dragon(another tree trunk) or a beautiful deer (a real live one foot away fawn) needs to be the focal point. Light/dark/too much blue, too little blue - these are all things that can be tweaked - so, dub me the Tweaker!!