Who moved those big logs? (Jan 8, 2021)

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Maybe the nicest day since we arrived at Surfside.

Lee spent some time repairing valances while Lez was interviewed for an upcoming QOVC cross-country Sew Day. After lunch, we walked the sea wall and far corner of Surfside in wonderful sunshine, nice temperatures and no wind. We ran across some of the estuary deer, which Lee managed to get quite close to. They have very little fear as shown in previous days' photos. We sat outside for a while, even Hobbes went out for a while. Then we had a nice Nasi Goreng supper and settled in for the night.

Lez starts: A recording gig! OK, it was a recorded Zoom session to show quilters how to make a specialty quilt binding. It's a demo for the upcoming Sew Day! Lee wandered out for some hardware as he is repairing the blinds in the RV that are dealing with olde cording that is fraying and breaking so the blinds don't stay up. Two down, two more to go! We took a break mid-day and wandered the Sea Wall to The Spit - and whoa! what happened! The storm on the 6th happened - and we have not been out to the Spit since before the storm. To see the size of the tree trunks and root balls now blocking the path to the outside edge of the spit is truly awesome. How! Wow! About a hundred photos later - we sat at our estuary spot and just enjoyed the blue skies and warm sun getting closer to sunset.