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Cabbage rolls to no end.

Lez looked truly domesticated today. First it was laundry at one of the Surfside laundry buildings. Then, it was a cabbage roll making event. Lee had gone to run some errands when he got a call from Lez to pick up more ingredients for the cabbage rolls. As he rolled up at the Schooner, he expected to see cabbage rolls oozing out through the windows and door, LOL. We had some for supper later; they were great.

Lez sighs: Yes, laundry day. I take advantage of a stronger signal of wifi we are to enjoy out here free - in the laundry room. We are requested not to leave our laundry unattended, so what better way to spend the time. A successful morning designing quilt blocks and editing photos. Laundry done and back to the RV for a Zoom QOVC board/exec meeting. What a great crew we have this year - lots of enthusiasm as the Sew Day plans were shared. I spent the evening writing up an info session on a quilt technique to video record tomorrow.