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Not venetian, but rather Schooner blinds.

Lee dis-assembled one of the bedroom blind trim pieces called cornices and valances. It looked like the removal of the actual blinds will be straight forward, which he will do once he picks up some appropriate hardware. Lez and Lee had some chuckles about the wealth of photos from Monday's high tides. Later on, it was off to mom's place for dinner and a movie.

Lez dons her QOVC hat: A National Sew Day is being planned for Feb 5 where for a 3 hour period all the time zones across the country can be in a Zoom session together and that took up quite a bit of time. A wonderful group of volunteers are taking on the responsibilities and we are all pitching in to make it happen. I then played with the merging of two photos into one double width one - trying to minimize the difference in lighting and shading etc. They look pretty good! Both were from the high tides. I am one with a photoshop program and love it. I also downloaded some new fabrics for the Electric Quilt program I use to design quilt blocks and quilts and recruiting a couple more quilters to help design the 2021 QOVC Hug Blocks. (Another passion!).