Staying Dry (Jan 5, 2021)

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The Schooner needs pontoons.

Talk about rain today. Coming from the south east over the estuary and hitting our back window. No let up to either the rain or the wind, which was gusting up to 60 km. Lee ventured out for a few groceries and to pick up the venetian blind cord. Then it was back in and ensconced as the Schooner rocked in the wind. After home-made pizza, we wandered out to the seawall in the dark. It was still windy, but surprisingly not cold. The waves were crashing the seawall in the dark. Home for coffee and dessert.

Lez burps: Yes - homemade pizza - totally from scratch - including the pizza crust and sauce. Cheese (lotsa mozza) and ham - he's got that RV oven nailed! And later dessert - strawberries, whipping cream on small sponge cakes (package mix ( baked in the ol' oven). We needed that walk and what a cool nature display we saw. I basically spent the day editing the high tide photos - WOW - some interesting photos - and a new "character" added to my nature's faces theme - Ester the Estuary Monster. LOL You'll just have to look through photos!