Nostalgia Times (Jan 3, 2021)

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Nostalgic day at mom Worel's place.

Lez headed over to mom's place right after breakfast. The plan was to do some sewing, but I guess that went sideways when mom pulled out some photo albums and the nostalgia began. Meanwhile, Lee enjoyed the nice sunny weather at Surfside. Even Hobbes went out for a few minutes. Later on, Lee walked to mom's place (a two kilometer walk) and the three of us enjoyed a KFC family dinner with the three kids at the virtual table.

Lez grins: yes, as Lee notes, plans change. And no complaints. Mom did some grocery shopping in the morning, and I was on a couple of Zoom meetings with Quilts of Valour (QOVC). We then had a lunch and of course, got talking. And talking and talking - so much from her growing up in Regina, and then mine. We went everywhere with the conversation - and the sewing machine stayed in its case. We had a wonderful family dinner again - not to much of what we did all week - it's been quite same-ol' same-ol' for us all over the quite holiday season. Tomorrow it's back to work, and a phrase an old I.T. friend always used - SS-DD. Same sh.. different day.