Quilting at Mom's (Jan 2, 2021)

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It's quiet around here.

Lez went over to her mom's place to do some sewing and enjoy some virtual time with other quilters. Lee stayed home and researched how to replace the cords in RV blinds. We now have four or five shades that need re-stringing, so to speak. It was extremely quiet around Surfside, even when the rain stopped. We think people were just hunkered in. We are still somewhat pleasantly surprised at the temperatures (as opposed to the rain). It has been seven, eight, nine degrees over the last while, which is really easy to take. Later on Lee joined mom and Lez for dinner and a movie.

Lez has that contented smile: Yes, I spent the day at mom's. We laid out the quilt blocks that need sashing (sides added to the squares of fabric with a graphic print on each of one of the provincial capitals). As I sewed, mom did the pressing. Her neighbour came over and we masked and I gave her a lesson on using the rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat. The day was productive, as I sewed and chatted on a Zoom sew day session with the 30 or so Edmonton quilt guild EDQG members all sewing in their own homes. We shared quilt room layouts, quilting techniques, projects we were working on. Meanwhile mom and I did a lot of reminiscing of the days of sewing we spent on her Singer - as she taught me the tips and tricks of sewing clothing for us as she made all kinds of dresses for us girls and for "Barbie". She made square dance dresses and costumes. I made clothes for high school and two grads, a small quilt in 1969 for mom and dad at Christmas. Then she made my wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses. She continued to sew until a couple of years ago, and her machine was given to my sister Mary. Quite a special day.