Good bye 2020 (Dec 31, 2020)

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Long distance dinner with friends and family.

The day started, as it does so often around here, with no wind and a bit of sunshine. We have learned quickly to take advantage of this before the roof of the Schooner once again pops with the sound of rain. So, we walked up to town and picked up some groceries. It was a nice, lazy walk of just over three kilometers. Later on, we had New Year's Eve dinner with Dave and Judy Miller, as we have done for almost thirty years. But for the first time, this was a remote dinner via Zoom. It was great. Then we had a similar session with Karin and Marlin in Hawaii. The were sitting on their patio (lanai) in their short sleeves and shorts. Their daughter Erika and boyfriend Josh were visiting from Austin Texas. Nice to see and hear them as always.

Lez smiles: We walked the boardwalk and took the trail up to the Alberni Hwy and into the Naked Natural Whole Foods small grocers. No you don't have to be naked! Tagged as a Health Food Store, it has fresh, organic and all natural foods. More importantly - they carry BISON, which we enjoy with our fondues, such as our planned dinner with Dave and Judy. They had thought our long standing tradition of a NYE dinner had come to an end with us being away. Well - welcome to the 21st century. Through the power of the internet and a social media session through Zoom, we were able to enjoy our time together, in our own homes, just as if we were in a restuarant or lounge. And just as we have done so many times, we solved all the world's ills. A very special longstanding friendship. We then connected with Lee's sister Karin and Marlin in Hawaii on a Zoom chat. They spent their day golfing with Erika and Josh. They too have enjoyed a family holiday season. We wish one and all a very good and Happy New Year. Be safe, be smart, be here next year.