Baking at mom's (Dec 30, 2020)

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Cabbage rolls and schmaltzy movies.

A lazy, lazy day in the rain. Lez went to her mother's home to make cabbage rolls (old family tradition) so much so that a recipe was not needed (nor found, actually). Lee joined them later for supper and we all lazed around working on a puzzle and watching schmaltzy movies.

Lez corrects: Cabbage Rolls (an olde family recipe). And yes, from memory. The Polish kind - with the filling of ground beef, ground pork, an egg, salt & pepper. Wrapped in a softened (steamed) green cabbage leaf. The rolls are traditionally layered in a pot, with a layer of uncooked bacon between layers. Topped with the last layer of bacon and sliced rounds of onion and then smothered with a can of tomato soup and equal amount of water. (Don't measure! Just refil the can!). Traditionally, the pot is covered and baked in the oven for 6 -8 hours; or in a crock pot overnight. Well - welcome to the 21st century and Instant Pot. We cooked them on the Stew setting for 30 minutes, then let them sit for a couple of hours on low which took over after the steam pressure released. And yes - after the first time of cooking together in many many years (30? 40?) we spent a day in the kitchen together. A SUPER special day and a delicious dinner. PS - Lee lazed watching the schmaltzy, mom and I worked on her puzzle.