Race for the door (Dec 29, 2020)

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How fast can he return to the Schooner.

We walked the seawall this morning in very quiet and peaceful conditions. Lez then decided to do some laundry. As she was over in the laundry building, it started to rain so Lee stayed inside the Schooner. But Hobbes just wanted to go out so bad. Lee finally relented, harnessed him up and dragged him (yes, quite literally) outside. He carried Hobbes to the moss at the estuary edge. Before the Canada Geese could line up to scold this orange thing, Hobbes was back on the Schooner steps, begging to get back in. That was that. Lee picked Lez and the laundry up and we spent the remainder of the day cozily in the Schooner.

Lez Sighs: yes, a laundry day - but that's not why. We are caught up to date with blog and pictures!! That's a good thing! SO - why the sigh? As we finished our simple dinner (yummy salad & crescent rolls - and wine) we got into discussions of possiblities of changes of travel plans. Will we have issues booking here for next fall? Will the snowbirds be able to or even want to go south for winter and RV spots won't be quite the premium they became this fall? We really lucked out booking like we did last winter! Our plans for quick trips back to Edmonton for medical appointments are not as simple as they first appeared. What restrictions on visitors? We are going to be "visiting" if we do head back into AB. Can we video conference a medical checkup? Do we postpone other checkups or book a doctor here? Can we work out later dates to be able to bring the RV into non-winter conditions on the prairies? We have some answers to investigate!!