Our coats are undone (Dec 28, 2020)

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Shop until we drop, er, stop.

Into Nanaimo after breakfast today. Scary thing, we are actually starting to become familiar with the streets there. Did our shopping and headed home. Got home to beautiful sunshine, no wind and about 7c. There was this ominous cloud over the mainland across the Strait. Glad we're here.

Lez navigates: LOL - not really. We are getting our bearings as we once again head into Nanaimo to clear the grocery needs. I had to laugh - I walked out of the grocers and never zipped up the coat for the rest of the trip. A couple more short stops and homeward bound with "supplies". We worked on the photos for the rest of the day, and after a cheese fondue walked the boardwalk and the sea wall in the dark as the tide revealed more rock than we had seen in awhile. Hobbes is no longer interested in going outside - too cold? too windy? too rainy? ah yes!