Nice to start, rain to finish (Dec 27, 2020)

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Walking in the rain, not!

We had a short walk, sans cameras, down the seawall this morning. It started to rain as we got home. Later on, we drove up for some fresh groceries and later on Lee headed up to pick up some take-out. It's been a peaceful day cloistered in our Schooner. Even Hobbes is downright peaceful, although that may be due to the catnip.

Lez grins: The cameras were smokin'. We started the day with a walk along the sea wall. No wind, +3C, tide coming in, very few people out and about, deer on the main clubhouse lawn. As we slowly walked through the property, we were watched closely and the deer either ignored us or walked very close past us. Pictures were zoom, of course, but closeups shared. What a quiet and fresh start to settle our breakfast and beat the rain that started just as we returned to the Schooner. I keep looking at all the permanent units sitting quiet for the winter and wonder if any go up for sale. Still (hopefully) a long ways off, but this place might be a retirement consideration with the Schooner when we decide we are done with travelling. (Or a Parksville apartment overlooking the bay, and a small car).