A herd of deer (Dec 26, 2020)

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The deer are not so afraid.

Lee wandered over to the sea wall in the afternoon. As he turned back by the main service building there were eight deer grazing on the lawn, four on each side of the walkway. They seemed unconcerned by both vehicles and Lee. A level of trust has been built, probably because these deer have lived in Surfside Resort and Shelley Park for their whole lives and have had little human contact outside of Surfside residents.

Lez's nose is to the grindstone: It was only yesterday, as I type this, and all I can remember is being at the computer all day working on editing photos - cropping, highlighting, touching up and removing dust spots. And then the man comes home with another 16 photos from the sea wall. Great photos though - so he is off the bad books list. I made a fabulous Nasi Goring dish for dinner! A truly quiet day.