Christmas with Lez's mom (Dec 25, 2020)

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Long distance Christmas

Mom made Christmas breakfast for us, one of those wife saver concoctions. It was great and washed down with mimosa. We spent some time showing mom some of our photos on the website and then wandered back to feed Hobbes and change. We met mom at the Kalvas restaurant for a very nice Christmas dinner. We finished the evening at mom's with a movie, but not before we had a video visit with our our three kids. At first it looked like Alec was at home and using his cell phone to join the video conference. But it turned out he was sitting just out of camera range at Chris and Aaron's. He soon surprised us and joined them at the table. It was a great surprise for a rather low-key Christmas.

Lez smiles one of those satisfied smiles: What a wonderful day in spite of not being able to enjoy the real hugs. We had a nice chat with families in Regina - Mary & Richard and Piet & Marg. We video'd with my sister Fran and her girls, and with our boys and daughter-in-law (all my 3 kids). For us, this is the Christmas we had planned, as we docked in Parksville and did not intend to head back to Edmonton for Christmas. Connecting with so many friends via the internet is a blessing too! Having our website live now - has also been great to share our adventures and subsequent conversations with everyone. We trust everyone is enjoying the quieter - and safe Christmas traditions even if some of them are "new" this year.