An icy situation (Dec 24, 2020)

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The Icetuary.

We noticed there was ice on the estuary when we got up. Lee went out to grab some shots. Chuck was iced over also; thank goodness there was no need to scrape that windshield today. We then had a nice video chat with Lee's aunt and uncle, Riet and Kees in the Netherlands. We walked the Parksville Boardwalk in chilly weather but with many, many other people (and their dogs). At the end of the boardwalk we wandered up to the Island Highway, grabbed some lunch and returned home. After supper, we took the camera out to get some shots of the festive decorations in Surfside RV. Some people really went to town on them. Surfside held a contest for the most decorated RV unit sites. It was very peaceful and still as we looped through the resort.

Lez opens her spreadsheets: We are recording the temps - high and lows for the day/night and charting it. It appears we are "tanking" - as in getting cooler and cooler. We were actually -3C last night. It is a good thing we have the wrapped and heated water hose. Cozy in the Schooner though. We bundled up and walked the Boardwalk this afternoon, going up to the Island Hwy at the end of it, and found that the snow and some ice was still around. Definitely a temperature difference between the estuary and further inland. Plans for after dinner are to take the monopod out with the camera and snap some photos of the RV's decorations. It will be chilly for sure - but pretty.