The boardwalk is never still (Dec 23, 2020)

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The boardwalk was busy.

Lee finished loading the last of the web pages and deployed it to the ISP server. And then, we sent out our greetings and web address to one and all. Lee went on a walk on the Parksville boardwalk in sunny conditions. It was busy! Many people with their dogs. And some nice photos of the mountains. We finished the day with a nice supper of veal schnitzel and spaetzle.

Lez smiles: The Roads Less Gravelled is now on the WWW and we have sent out email notifications to all those we could think of. The 2020 Christmas Poem is part of the site too - along with the current Surfside leg of our adventure, and most of the Southern Prairies. I have about two weeks of photos to edit to amalgamate with this blog. They are at the beginning of that leg. LOL - as fast as I edit and Lee tags, the camera is loaded with another day's photo capture. Considering we have not wandered far from the RV we have done justice to filling those camera memory cards!