French Creek Fish Delight (Dec 22, 2020)

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What a fishy day.

We needed some groceries so we headed out to deliver a Christmas card to cousin Herb and Jan's place. Since we were close we went up to the French Creek marina to check out the seafood store we had heard about. Sure enough, right at the end of the pier was the processing plant wth a retail store attached. What a selection! We bought some crab and smoked salmon, and promised ourselves to come back. As we headed back, the fuel warning light came on in Chuck. So, we fueled up, the first time in 46 days! We don't think we ever went that long on a tank of gas in our lives before. Then we stopped at mom's place for a moment and headed home. Time then to finish the web site updates.

Lez hyperventilates: I had a dreadful panic end of the day! Somehow my Outlook icon on my task bar was changed from office 365 to office 2016! who knows what button I must have pushed or how long ago! Today, Outlook would not open. I freaked! no email! Cool hand Lee stepped over " ok.. let us close all that, see what google says". So we did a specific search, and within 15 minutes I was flying again, and breathing again! Before my scare of lost email, we were out to do several errands, as Lee notes. We also made a stop for lunch at the French Creek Pub too for "lunch" which was really lunch and supper. Oh so good Fish & Chips. At mom's we opened a gift bag from cousin Herb & Jan's. Nose to the screen for the rest of the evening, a big reminder to blog my day. GRIN.