Snow on the Schooner (Dec 21, 2020)

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The first day of winter and it snowed.

We were having breakfast and Lez noticed that the rain had turned to snow. Big fluffy flakes. We quickly took some pictures to record the event. We then spent the rest of the day tucked inside the Schooner to avoid the snow, although by late afternoon it was almost gone.

Lez corrects: Lee wasn't out of bed yet when I took the first pic of "Out my back window" for the day! By the time we sat down I had taken 6 pictures! You'd think I had never seen snow before! Lee braved the wet flakes outside for more photos - absolutely no wind, the flakes just softly fell strait down! We ended up with 15 pics of the snowy RV site LOL! Then the rain came, and the WIND! We ended the day with the snow almost gone. Then a spectacalur cloud formation reflected the bright oranges and pinks of a Parskville/Surfside sunset. Of course it was captured "on film"! First day of winter - wow. I spent a lot of the day on a QOVC National Sew Day for Feb 5, 2021. Several volunteers are working together to offer a "virtual sew day" for a 3 hour time-fram where the whole country of quilters can be sewing away and sharing their blocks and quilts with each other - safely and quite distanced! The QOVC website and Facebook pages will have lots of info!