Shark Eye on the Beach (Dec 20, 2020)

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Shark eye on the spit.

We spent a few hours on the Surfside seawall and the spit today, combing the beach for treasures. Lee found a shark eye sea shell, his first ever. That was good inspiration for solving a couple of bugs in the website software. We then headed over to mom's for family dinner, with Alec on the web video connection. That was followed by watching a couple of schmaltzie movies with mom before we headed home.

Lez smiles: It was a beauty day. No wind, not cold and +10c here, tides low and lots of walking around the Surfside spit - some sections we rarely get to wander. 100 pictures added to the adventure. Even one of a bright yellow flower! (Needs to be ID'd). Lee's finding of the Shark Eye sea shell is a treasure. I promised myself we won't collect things. That lasted almost 8 months. Mom's a little sore this week - getting in and out of Chuck on Tuesday had her using (and subsequently pulling) a few muscles that have not had to hoist herself into a vehicle like that since she last rode in our old pickup Charlie last summer!