Mom's New Wine Cellar (Dec 19, 2020)

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Hobbes says "Hey man, this is good stuff".

Lee went up to get a case of wine that we can put in mom's store room for her use (she's a red wine fan) and for when we have family dinner. He also picked up some catnip. Upon returning, we put some on one of Hobbes's toys. Wow, that got him going; he looked very mellowed out after scratching that toy for a while.

Lez grins: Well an RV bound kitty after 15 years of freedom around a big yard deserves a special relaxing treat now and again. We do take him outside on a harness he now has resigned himself to wearing outside. But it is coming into the winter season here, and there are more rainy/windy days not fit for any cat. Lee and I spent the day mostly working on this blog - very soon to be on the web. I am reviewing so many great memories - amazing what we have seen and done already.