Rain and Rain and Rain (Dec 18, 2020)

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Rain, rain, go away.

A poopy day, the rain never let up until late in the evening. It was time for web site work and a late night walk to the sea wall and the boardwalk.

Lez marvels: It's midnight and the skies are dark and filled with stars, ambient light shines on the waves as they crest and we have learned that ducks don't sleep! Well, some are still swimming, or grumbling. With no wind, it was quite pleasant to be out on the sea wall and it was very quiet, not a soul around. There are a lot of RVs with their Christmas lights aglow all night long. And the beach at the west side of the Parksville Beach is lit with a row of coastal homes and buildings lit up! Night time photo time - am hoping the longest night will be rain free (Monday).