Walking up for Groceries (Dec 17, 2020)

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Work, work, work.

We had sun shine as we got up, so after breakfast we walked up the hill for some groceries. We are liking the Eat Fresh Urban Market more and more for their fresh and healthy choices. Then back to the grindstone, er, web site.

Lez huffs and puffs: Lee's strides are 1 and a half longer than mine! So going up that hill to the Island Hwy is a huffer and puffer. Recovery is fast and the shopping area has pretty much everything we need. It does feel good to walk that route - all of 10 minutes and it is a great break from sitting at the computers. We picked up fresh lamb kabobs for the bar-b-que dinner. Lee had to cook in the dark, but we still enjoyed a good dinner. We do not lack for food, often only eating twice a day.