Techies Stay out of the Rain (Dec 16, 2020)

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You can shoot a cannon both ways down the Island Highway.

It was raining all day today. Even Hobbes didn't whine at the door to go out. We just stayed ensconced and behaved like good techies (Lez wonderfully cleaning up photos, Lee exaparatingly trying to move ahead with the web site). Later on we went to mom's for dinner and for mom and Lez to view a quilting video session. On the way home , we stopped by Timmies for coffee. As we drove home, there was not a vehicle in either direction on the Island Highway, at 9:30 PM!

Lez sighs: Woke up to the sounds of many drops of rain on the Schooner. Good day to hunker down with the photo edits. But first!!! Vacuuming! It surprises me just how much "stuff" gets picked up off the carpet. Chore done quickly - I do love the smaller living quarters. Mom had dinner ready for us at 5! Pork chops! She feeds us well. Lee looked at her laptop and will be picking up a part to get it going again. Her iPad is working well, but she would like to access some old files too. We cleared the kitchen table and set up my laptop to view the Edmonton quilt guild's monthly meeting via Zoom. This month featured a presentation from Kim Caskey on the International Quilt Festival in Japan that her tour company arranged. VERY informative and inspiring. Their quilting - mostly done by hand is so detailed! It was also great to see and chat with 143+ guests or members too!