Clear My Cache Please (Dec 15, 2020)

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The Dell delays.

Lez headed out to Nanaimo with her mom to do some shopping. Lee stayed home to continue some work on the website. This proved to be somewhat irritating because it appeared that his Dell laptop does not clear its cache right away as directed by the web page code. It made it almost impossible to see any changes immediately after deploying them to the ISP's server. Oh, well. Things could be worse. We had a quiet (but irritating) evening as Lez continued to polish up older photos from the summer. Deploying our Southern Prairies trip for all to enjoy is imminent.

Lez smiles: What a great day with mom I Nanaimo. We were masked up well, and stopped by the quilt shop (all masked & limit of 4 customers at any one time - good to see but also frustrating to leave mom standing outside the door. I picked up a zipper foot for the Janome - which will make the piping (and zippers) a tidy and tight sew. No poking there. Now to get going with the other awnings! We did poke through The Bay - somewhat sparse - very few shoppers on a Tuesday. We wandered into the mall too - most everyone is masked which is good to see. Lunch in Lantzville at the Lantzville Village Pub, where mom and dad used to go. Of course, we sit down, and the table beside us are friends of mom! We didn't get back "home" until late in the afternoon. It was a great day poking and yakking! One that mom and I hadn't had for quite some time. The evening was spent doing more photo edits - pictures are looking good for this web-blog.