Unable to Handle This Task (Dec 14, 2020)

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Kinks in the plumbing system.

OK, so there was no way to ignore this little, ah, shitty problem. Yesterday Lee went to empty our tanks and one of the handles failed to open a tank. You know, the one that really counts. After breakfast and with a nice sunny day, Lee dropped the undercarriage insulation to have a look at said black tank. Long story short, the cable is the problem, not the valve. Lee wiped a clean hand over his brow in relief. He'll get that fixed in the next few days. Later, it was on to a review /design / improvement chat with Lez to make some needed improvements in navigation on our website. And, more importantly, to show our family and friends what we have been up to in the last five days.

Lez's eyes are buggy: A perfect day to work on the blog, inside warm and dry. Another 8 days of photos cropped, tinted, smudge-fixed and ready for Lee to incorporate into the website. About 200 pictures. It was nice and sunny for a bit today, so we have pics of Hobbes and about 60 Canada Geese keeping a close eye on him. We discussed a few more "features" of the Zwaal Family Story using Roads Less Gravelled as our initial and testing grounds. I marvel and am SO thankful we have been able to do this adventure. The Sunsets!!! Even a couple of SunRISES - a feat for me LOL.The estuary just abounds with new wildlife, tidal changes, colours. Yes, there is rain almost everyday, but truly laughing out loud, we don't have to shovel it!