Family dinner (Dec 13, 2020)

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Everyone is back at family dinner.

We spent most of the day editing photos in preparation for releasing the Southern Prairies leg of our travels. We then picked up pizza for family dinner and headed over to mom's apartment. We had Chris and Aaron on their video link and Alec on another link. They both played with different backgrounds which was pretty cool. And of course when round table time came, Aaron once again took the cake when describing how a co-worker set himself, the oil catch and the customer car on fire. What a hoot! (the co-worker, car and oil catch were fine.)

Lez groans: "What a hoot?" Holy Shmoly I hope Aaron's boss is not reading this! Oh ya - "A" was stand-in foreman that day. He did not witness the balloon of flame but felt it behind him and heard the whoosh. Images of various movies come to mind. His co-worker slapped out the flames on himself and Aaron doused the other flames. By comparison, our week was quite quiet!! Yes, today was Family DInner via video conference and it is SUCH a great way to keep in touch. After dinner the three of us enjoyed two Countdown to Christmas W-Channel movies. A good feeling to a week of tightening of our C-19 safety measures.