Backyard Cake (Dec 12, 2020)

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Canada Geese on final.

Lez invited some of the neighbours to share the remaining part of Lee's birthday cake on our picnic table. Even the sun came out, though we had a cold wind. As has been the case for a while now, when the Canada Geese fly over they seem to be no higher than about 10 feet from the ground. You can hear the wind in their wings. There were about 25 of them in the estuary in the sunshine as the afternoon wore on.

Lez smiles: I spoke with a couple of neighbours yesterday, and had noted the leftover birthday cake and asked if they would help us eat it! There was over a half of a delicious cake mom had bought for Lee's birthday. The weather yesterday did not cooperate for a picnic table serving place. Today, the sun came out in the afternoon, and I connected with Elena & Helmut, Elena was able to come over, and Ron from next door and the newly landed couple Theresa and her hubby all brought their own forks and plates and helped us eat up and post celebrate the birthday's boy's day. The geese were curious again today as the "yellow beast" came to the shores of the estuary, but did not form the posse circle. Hobbes also did not go all the way to the water, there were probably 30 Canada Geese keepin an eye on him.