The Seas Move Those Trunks Around (Dec 11, 2020)

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A quiet day in the neighbourhood.

We got up late and had a lazy breakfast. It felt like a Monday, probably because we spent yesterday evening at grandma's. We did a loop around the Resort. At the Surfside spit, we noticed that a set of hug tree trunks that had been off the shore had now disappeared. The power of the waves.

Lez stretches: Nose to the grindstone! The taskmaster keeps giving me photo files to edit!!! BIG GRIN - well that IS what we are doing at the moment. At the end of the day, as I write up my snide comments, I have 4 more sets of photos to do next - Grasslands and Cypress Hills. I cannot believe the incredible blue skies we had for SO many days!! I could do a 365 day calendar of nothing but different views of the prairies. Oh wait! That's what this is! With a mountain or two tucked in.