Birthday Dinner (Dec 10, 2020)

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Celebrating the big 7-0.

Lee started receiving emails, phone calls, texts and video calls from family and friends wishing him a happy 70th birthday. It was nice to connect with them all. And luckily, they are all healthy. Hobbes had another stand-off with a pair of Canada Geese in the estuary. Then it was off to grandma's for dinner and a movie. We had great stories and good laughs. Among them, grandma's attempt to light candles on the birthday cake was a hoot.

Lez grins: "The Man" is 70!!! WOW - I always thought that was an old person - and here we are! We will continue doing what we are doing because it seems to agree with us. Yes, some days feel "older" than others. With so many friends on either side of 68 & 70 - they all keep us young. A great take-out dinner and humoungous chocolate cake - yes, mom & I got the giggles as she attempted to light the candles, and then blew out the match and half the candles, downhill from there. Lee did get to finally blow them all out! *had to catch his breath afterwards LOLOL* - sorry couldn't resist dear.