Web Site Oopsies (Dec 9, 2020)

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Made it by the skin of my keyboard.

Never delete files before breakfast. Well, not right after breakfast. And not from a USB stick that has no Recycle Bin. Yup, Lee did. This was followed by the purchase of some file recovery software, a nice walk for some groceries, and determining what had been recovered and what had not. Well, we got it done. Then Lee finished updates to some pages and we took the big step of deploying to our ISP's server. The Zwaal Family Story website went live about 15 minutes before midnight, the target deadline Lee had set some days ago. Phew!

Lez kept silent: After all our years, one learns what that groan means. It certainly could have been worse - we only lost a few files, and it only means re-editing those files from the last batch of updates sent on the USB stick. So, yes, the refreshing walk certainly helped a fresh look at the task ahead. We got the files re-done for Surfside and the deadline Lee set for himself - the Zwaal Family Story is live - and in 4 minutes, "The Man" will be celebrating 70 years!!! geee that's olde!! Smootches buddy!! Open the PORT!!!!