Web Site Rainy Day (Dec 7, 2020)

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The website navigation passes final scrutiny.

It rained all day today, so it was a good day to edit photos and do some final QA on the website contents. Thanks to Tera-Byte for answering some tricky questions which cleared up some remaining issues. Late in the evening our home page was looking good and the links were working.

Lez smiles: What an accomplished day - the website is now in test view only but it is looking good. The Man has been doing some pretty fancy programming footwork - scrolling, tabs, pulling the name of the photo and making it the title of the photo. We are getting so close to turning it live for all to view what we have been up to starting with "yesterday" and going back to April 28, 2020. Yup - we have been on our adventure for 7 1/2 months! Amazing adventures, vast views, incredible sights, inspriational sights, great people, scary moments, speechless moments, close ups with wildlife moments - and not all captured on camera. LOL - the coyote that walked right past us, the riverbank landslide falling in front of us, a tornado warning just to name few. Yes reminiscing - gotta do that once in awhile. The memorable moment of today will be the Schooner rocking like it was on the high seas! The afternoon and early evening winds were shakers - and much to our great pleasure and relief the awning stayed in place. One down, two more to go.