Christmas Lights (Dec 6, 2020)

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Valiant velcro ventures.

Lez finished sewing the velcro strips on the slide cover after breakfast. We then went out and installed it. Lee was up on the roof pulling the slide bead through the channel. We then installed the velcro on the front of the slide and, presto, the cover looked pretty good. We just need to make some adjustments where the cover meets the Schooner wall. Later on, we went to grandma's for family dinner with Alec on the video call. Lots of laughs and stories from both Edmonton and Parksville.

Lez grunts: That vinyl cover is unwieldy! But the new Janome sewed it up just fine. I even remembered to sew the side of the strip without the glue! What a mess that was for the tester piece I did. I spent much of the day editing the photos that will go along with the daily blog. There are still many many more to "fix". Next step is to clean the camera lenses again - as most of the fixes were cleaning up all the spots and blotches. Am now a master photoshopper. If you don't want that tree in the photo - no worries, have mouse will just replace it with something else from the photo. We had a great visit and dinner once again, and we even planned the upcoming Thursday dinner for a birthday boy. Mom's colourful Christmas lights are hanging nicely along her balcony railing - had to take a couple of pics of that.