Parksville Boardwalk Without Gggrubber Boots (Dec 4, 2020)

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Lez forgot her gggrubber boots.

A beautiful day with total sunshine. We drank our second coffee in the lawn chairs behind the Schooner facing the estuary. Hobbes joined us and after a quick drink from the estuary he joined us on our third chair. Cats always sleep with one ear open, but I swear he was snoring. We spent almost two hours out there. After lunch, we wandered the boardwalk along with many other people (and their dogs). We walked the low tide shoreline for part of the time. Lez saw a couple of interesting things in the water but she was not wearing her rubber boots (pronouced grubber) so she could not go after them. On the way back we stopped by the Germans across the road. They were decorating a Christmas tree they had collected from crown land (with a permit of course). It looks nice to walk down our road at night and see all the RVers who have decorated their units, including more outside Christmas trees.

Lez yawns: Can this day start any slower? I made a batch of pancakes and bacon which we enjoyed with our freshly squeezed orange juice and a fresh pot of coffee. Yes, we are camping LOLOLOL. Truly GLAMPING! We took our coffee outside and sat and enjoyed the duck-filled high tide estuary. Clear skies and no wind. It was so still we could hear the ducks breaking the surface of the water as they bobbed down for food and splashed back up. A very large gull joined the crowd of merganser, bufflehead, mallard, Canada geese, starlings, sea gulls. Deer in the distance. A truly peaceful morning. Spent time then trying to create a new email address for the blog, without success. So we wandered the Parksville beach and ended the day with about 100 pictures to go through. Ended the evening touching base with the Macarena - everyone is stll doing well, just wondering how this Christmas will work out with family and extended family.