The Great Goose Standoff (Dec 3, 2020)

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The great (Canada Goose) stand-off.

Yucky outside, nice day to stay inside. Lez had some QOVC stuff to do, including a ZOOM session. Meanwhile, Lee made huge progress on the niggly problems with the Zwaal family website. Late in the afternoon Lee took Hobbes out for a walk. Actually, Hobbes forced Lee to take him out. As he walked behind the Schooner to the estuary he noticed that a flock of Canada Geese were swimming close by. As Hobbes made his way to the estuary shore for a drink, the geese formed an arc in the water about ten feet away. They were not amused but Hobbes couldn't care less. He slowly sipped and stared them down. As he walked back to the Schooner, the geese dispersed.

Lez beams: That's our boy!! I see a cat/goose version of one of those old "westerns" when the bad guys surround the hero and he just non-chalantly drinks his Jack Daniel's. "No fight here pardner". Spent the time after the QOVC Zoom exec meeting working on quilt blocks for a new promo for a fundraiser. I enjoy the challenge of learning a new technique in that Electric Quilt (EQ) software - this was tracing an image to create an outline to fill in with a fabric on a quilt block. I know - too techy and boring LOL - and I was SO immersed!!!