Parksville Shopping (Dec 1, 2020)

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They don't just stop working.

After breakfast, we walked up the hill to the post office, grocery store and liquor store. Over two clicks in the bright sunshine and warming up after a night below zero. Lee pressed on with the Zwaal website work. Lo and behold at the end of the afternoon, a fully functioning piece of the app just stopped working. He took that as a hint to stop working on it and do something else. Later that evening, and some deep research on the internet, and a solution was found. We went to bed a little more relaxed.

Lez soaks up the rays: What a warm sunshine as we wandered up the hill from "the Park". The walk is easy and we really didn't go very far! Post office at the top of hill, Thrifty Foods for milk, checked out another small "fresh goods/good health" grocer - wow what a nice surprise! Way bigger than we expected and a good selection of fresh produce. I suspect we will be there more often, and take advantage of their deli-counter. Across the way to the liquor store (out of Port!). Good thing Lee grabbed the back pack to take along!!