Back to the Brew Pub (Nov 30, 2020)

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We needed supplies.

After some RV chores, we headed into Nanaimo for groceries and more fabric for the slide covers. This seemed to go just too smooth and before we knew it we were seated at Longwood Brew Pub for some early dinner. Then it was back to the Wooden Shoe Dutch store in Coombs and home.

Lez grins: A long day, and a short note! We have groceries to feed an army - or two people for quite a few weeks now. It was an easy trip - but because of all the "social" interaction, we are going to fore-go this week's dinner and movie with mom - just to ensure we haven't "picked up" anything. And so November comes to a close. We are comfortable, weather is cooling off and rainy, we are warm and dry.