Talking to Cousin Leo (Nov 29, 2020)

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Light them up Grandma.

During breakfast, we phoned Lee's cousin Leo Zwaal. We hadn't spoken with him in seven years and had lost his address and phone number. But with a little help that Lez got via Facebook, we got his number and called him. We had a nice long chat about, well, seven years of life. He has deliberately made the decision not to own a computer or a cell phone. Regardless we will continue to communicate. Later in the day, we picked up some Christmas lights, went to grandma's for dinner, hung the lights on her balcony and then had a nice family supper.

Lez is enhancing photos: I spent most of the day going through the latest directories of photos and enhancing colouring, and removing the dust marks from the white camera. I think its time to clean the camera!!!! DOH! It feels good to be able to keep up with email and internet searches again. We will fix our current issue of excess us of our thethering with being able to use mom's wifi for our Sunday family dinners. Another DOH!