Hobbes on the Steps (Nov 27, 2020)

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What, no bison!

Hobbes was in quite a mood this morning. He wanted to go out so bad and showed that to us in a number of ways. As a result, Lee used the Surfside RV water station to clean out Hobbes's potty while Lez washed all the floor near the entrance to the Schooner. He grumbled some more, Lee took him out and he wandered only a small distance and short time before climbing onto the Schooner steps. Lee then went for some groceries, which included a no-show for the fresh bison we had found at a local healthy food store. It will be in tomorrow. Hobbes did settle down in the afternoon. Lee and Lez took the time to do some photo editing and some some sewing, respectively. We finished the day with a great veal and spaetzle supper.

Lez starts!: A quiet day in the Schooner - as we settle in on our projects. I am finishing off the quilted postcards. I will ensure they arrive as I will be handing them to the recipients. The leftover stash of squares has been put to a good project - and out of the storage totes. We decided to skip any of the "Black Friday" fuss and line-ups that may be found in Nanaimo this weekend, so the velcro sewing will have to wait. Meanwhile, the day has been dark, windy and grey. So glad Lee went out for a couple of "essentials". Now just waiting for the laptop to charge enough to use - I've been letting it go to complete drain for its first few re-charges.