Lawn Chairs in the Sunshine (Nov 25, 2020)

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Dinner and a movie.

We woke to nice sunshine, 8C and no wind. As a result, we sat in the lawn chairs out back for an hour or more while Hobbes wandered and sniffed the grass, moss and drank the estuary water. He also went over to greet the neighbours (everyone is so amazed at how friendly he is). As the sun disappeared behind clouds we went in and re-assembled Lez's laptop after putting in a new battery. Later on, we went to mom's for dinner and a movie. We had lots of laughs watching a couple of those shmaltzie movies.

Lez sighs: What a great way to end a good day. We got a call in the morning from mom, inviting us to dinner and a movie later! After working together to re-assembling the lap-top, I settled in to the making of the of corner "darts" and "hemming" of the slide out awning. That took up the afternoon. We packed up the popcorn maker and fixins and wandered to mom's for an enjoyable ham/scalloped potato dinner and two movies on Netflix (love no commercials!). That is the first time we have watched any television since we spent our last night in the air B&B before moving into the RV.