Hobbes Goes In and Out and In and Out (Nov 24, 2020)

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I just want to go out.

It rained for the first part of the day, so we stayed inside. But Hobbes was just adamant about going outside. The rain let up in the afternoon and we took him out a couple of times. Usually he was back on the steps waiting to go in after just a few minutes. The meowing did not let up until after supper when Lee took him for one last walk in the dark. After drinking from the estuary he was ready to come inside for the last time.

Lez sews: It was a sew day, as I am making the other postcards, designed using the sewing machine to "threadplay" the scene or design on the cards. These I can deliver locally, so no rush to get them in the mail. I am being very frugal with using wifi time - 3 days left before next cycle of the data plan.