Test Fit of the Slide Cover (Nov 23, 2020)

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Cover slide with slide cover.

We tested the fit of our outside kitchen slideout cover and were happy with the results. Lez will hem the cover, install grommets and we are ready for a permanent install. Meanwhile Hobbes was moaning all day, mostly about going outside. We think he might have got off on the wrong side of the quilt this morning.

Lez smiles with satisfaction: What a great feeling to see the slideout cover fit over the edges nicely. Whew!!! The finishing touch is to turn under the edges of the sides and front - making a "hem" - and sew it down. Lee put the kybosh on sewing some RV matching blue lacey Dutch trim along the edge. Bummer. We may actually use a small strip of velcro - as it appears to stick well to the sides of the RV - as we learned with the screenroom. I spent the rest of the day finishing the postcards, and getting them into envelopes to send. I am always afraid the homemade cards won't make it to their destination. I know - I should trust, and have successfully sent and received. I have three more cards I could make - I just need to determine if I have some postcard cardboard I can use.