Family Dinner Gig'd Out (Nov 22, 2020)

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The gig is up.

We continued our work on the slideout covers. Lez sewed up the corners of the first cover while Lee measured up the other two slides. Later in the afternoon we had a video call family dinner with the kids. We talked for about 90 minutes when all of a sudden the connection went dead. It turns out that Lez had run out of gigabytes on her cell phone plan. We added some more (at a ridiculous cost) and vowed to look at alternate plans. We finished off by reviewing web pages on our website and came to some decisions on improvements we need to make before releasing it to the public.

Lez moans: I have no more gigs! and 6 more days of chat and zoom and email and facebook and more. How am I going to live!!!!! Good thing I have the sewing machine running and covers to make. But I sure hope no mending ends up on the table - I will revolt! Actually it feels good to be sewing again, and a wee postcard challenge is being stitched up at the moment. I just "slide" in the covers between zigzag and thread play! Cool winds and damp weather keeps me inside - I'm ok with that!!