Ralph Visits Before Mexico (Nov 20, 2020)

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Hey, I've been had.

After breakfast, mom and Ralph came for a visit. We had coffee and when they were leaving we said goodbye to Ralph who was leaving for Mexico on December 6. We the headed into Nanaimo for some shopping and a nice, late lunch. It was a day of sunshine one minute, cloudiness the next and rain in the next minute. Something for us to get used to. We bought a mouse cat toy for Hobbes and gave it to him. He played with it for a while, actually quite vigorously, but soon tired of it because it likely didn't behave like a real mouse. He's no dummy.

Lez moans: Out comes the vacuum again! Good thing it is a small living space (grin). It was great to get together once more, and Ralph took the afternoon ferry back to the mainland. I'm sure he will be sharing his warm climes any chance he gets LOL. Back home after the non-adventures in Nanaimo, including the sewing machine presser foot needed. We settled in to catch up on the blog and more photo editing. And watching Hobbes beat up the little toy mouse we got him today.