Early Christmas Dinner (Nov 19, 2020)

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Early Christmas dinner.

We had a lazy day today with a mix of sun and rain. Later on we had an early Christmas dinner with Herb and Jan at grandma's place. Ralph was there also. He had come over for one last look at his boat in Ladysmith before going to Mexico on December 6. For that reason, we had a great early Christmas dinner with all of them. Ralph ordered in Chinese food which we all enjoyed very much. We got home around 11 pm to a very still RV park and a sky full of stars. We made a coffee and hauled out the lawn chairs even though it was only 3c. We then sat behind the Schooner and watched the stars, listened to the ducks and watched (and mostly heard) a flock of Canada Geese flying about 15 feet above us. The noise from their wings was amazing.

Lez smiles: Phaded photo of the start of the phirst phase! What photos we have taken! I spent a lot of the day editing our photos - removing the spots from a dirty lens, cropping photos, highlighting. I then created an "album cover" and opening statement for the album showcasing that section of our travels. Played with photo & word processors and managed to create a new photo from a phaded - lol - faded photo and the story from our first phase of our new adventure. Part one includes the day we became homeless to the day we left Port Ordze actually pulling the Schooner. Wednesday, August 5, 2020 - forever in our travelling journey. I took mega pics as Lee pulled out of our pastural parking spot. Then Chuck and I had to pull the unit out of the driveway because Lee had to lift the tree branches to clear the roof of the Schooner!!! Memories!!!! Off to mom's for dinner. She had her place all decorated for Christmas for the early festive celebration, right down to the fireplace on the cable TV!! SUPER delicious food, lots of talk - funny, sad, all sorts of memories of times past. And as we opened our Fortune cookies - every one of them appropriate for the recipient!! Did we think to get a group photo??? LOLOLOL. Nope. Coffee back home - with a spectacular clear view of Orion and the Big Dipper/North Star/Little Dipper. Cool evening - in so may ways.