Higher Than Usual Tide in the Estuary (Nov 17, 2020)

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So how high does the tide go?

We got up to a rainy morning and a high tide. The water in the estuary was lapping up to the last low point before the RV site pads. Quite the sight. Most of the islands and high points used by the birds and deer behind the Schooner had disappeared into one large body of water. Lee concentrated on the ever close release of the Zwaal website. After supper, we walked the boardwalk in perfectly still and mostly clear skies.

Lez marvels: Those very high and low tides are a reminder how we are at the mercy of nature. It also proves that "earth" is a living organism. Photo ops aside, our walks along the shoreline bring new experiences, new encounters, new treasures everyday. It is so hard not to bring home seashells, kelp or other "treasures". I've been good. Mind you, I've only been here 3 weeks. We wandered the shore path in the afternoon, and the sun actually peeked out for a bit. We watched the small stretch of land disappear on the spit we wander - making the far piece truly an island for a little while. A seal caught a salmon and showed off. No wind - quite a pleasant respite. Back to computer stuff and our night walk getting home just before it began to rain! Clear skies had disappeared very quickly!