All Six of us for Family Dinner (Nov 15, 2020)

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Bubble, bubble, double trouble.

It seemed like the makings of a quiet Sunday as the morning progressed. However, in the early afternoon we noticed an issue. If you are an RV'er or have a strong stomach, then read Lez's comments. After our afternoon adventure, we headed over to grandma's and had a great family dinner, listening to all six of us regale our week's adventures. We got home to a peaceful RV park. It seems everyone had turned in (or were watching TV) as soon as the sun went down. And there was no wind, making for an eerily quiet place. Only the ducks could be heard.

Lez rolls her eyes: Oh leave me with the poopy details!!! Suffice it to say, to any potential RV'ers - do not connect your poop hose to the RV pad dump connection and leave the RV drain valve open. Poop does not flow out. We were advised - after having done so, and the subsequent clearing out included a plunger, a long stick to clear a small mountain, meanwhile making a stinky mess to clean up as plungers are not picky where they pffhht! I will be buying a new container of VIM and bleach and Comet and package of rolls of paper towel after giving the bathroom a SUPER cleaning in all nooks and crannies. I do thank our neighbour for his advice when he noticed our valve was open. It could have been worse. A sparkling clean bathroom now!