Bandaids to the Rescue (Nov 14, 2020)

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Bandaids and blood.

Lee went outside after breakfast to put some silicone sealant on more windows. It started to blow and get colder after two windows so that was that for today. After warming up we decided to (try to) cut Hobbes's nails. He was not happy, even when covered entirely in a blanket except for the leg to be trimmed. Three scratches later we were more or less done.

Lez grabs the bandaids: Well that was an adventure! Hobbes slept the morning soundly after all that trauma of nail trimming. Lee also tested out a sample of the piece that will go into the holder for a cover over the top of the slide out. Plans are in place, just need the proper sewing machine foot to sew a good seam into the fabric. The grommets will work - we tested those too! It was a stick to the RV and no go anwhere day, but we did manage a few pictures of the extra high tide through a raindrop covered back window. A quiet day, basically doing "odds and sods". The wind picked up and the Schooner was truly rocking. Glad we had the screen room down.