A Seal in the Estuary and a Seal on the Windows (Nov 13, 2020)

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A puppy dog in the water and a seal on the Schooner.

We decided to add some sealant to the back window today because we were suspicious that there was some leaking when the rain was driving onto that window. As we were applying the silicone, we noticed that there was a seal in the estuary in front of us. At one point he had a salmon by the tail. Lez named him Sam Seal.

Lez says "WOW"! A seal in our estuary - and he catches a salmon right in front of us. He looks like a puppy dog in the water. Yes, I had to name him Sam Seal. The heron and the deer this morning were having a little get together in the estuary, I guess they didn't catch the latest Covid restrictions on gatherings. While Lee was busy climbing ladder and water-proofing our big back window, I visited Chris Longmore who is the local QOVC rep - and we had a great visit looking to the future of the society. I can smell dinner cooking now so will go see what "advice" I can give. LOL