Dinner with Herb and Janice (Nov 12, 2020)

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An Erwin supper.

We spent the first part of the day with some inside cleaning and emptying of tanks (that included some challenges). We then stopped at the hardware store to get more supplies for building a slide cover before picking mom Worel up and heading over to cousin Herb Erwin and his wife Janice. We spent a couple of hours talking about the various pets we had owned. There were many laughs as we heard the antics these cats and dogs had been up to (including ours).

Lez wipes brow: yes, just because we are on this long adventure, "holiday" is not in the vocabulary. Sinks etc still need their scrubbing, floors still need their vacuuming, laundry still needs to be done, and the added chore of emptying those "black" and "grey" tanks. Lee noticed our very high day tide - and even went outside to squeegee the back window so I could get a good photo of the estuary - instead of a good photo of raindrops on said window!!! It was great to visit with my cousin Herb, and Jan. They have a new home, with a great studio space for Jan's artwork. And what an incredible artist she is! Her paintings are so VERY life like!